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The new season of College Hill South Beach premiered last night and boy was there some major drama! Milan in a somewhat messy fashion tried to out Kyle as being gay to the other housemates, which Kyle took major offense to.

Kyle overreacted and called her all kinds of drag queens and accused her of wearing a cheap scarf amongst other things.

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Essentially a slightly altered Ghoest Reggie if you compare the 2.....

Reggie hits a hell of a lot harder an is faster.... Im not sure if the price difference would be justified in the level of play... Still cant say I woulnt mind pairing him with JJ in the middle and Aldon and L.

T on the outside and lettin them run for a muck for a season or 2....

Just not knowing that paying 600K or whatever it ends up at on PS3 gets me back 250 or so K in return after a week...

Just like in Oakland you're too lazy to put the work in, actually research a subject and provide journalistic integrity instead spewing your bile all over our TV screens I'll admit it's been working for you though, they're actually calling you an analyst.

You're Anti-Raider wishing-well will run dry eventually. You and I know the only time you get press these days is either dragging your fat ass around a dance floor or bashing the Raiders.

Brandon proceeded to do what any normal male would do in this situation and proceeded to run as fast as possible from his fatal attraction.

Terri’s feelings are hurt and she decides to call her homie/mama who seems to be an enabler to her.

Imani has three kids from her relationship with Stephen, and Marvin Sapp is also a widowed father of three.

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