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Written in a lively and accessible style, and incorporating the latest scholarship on the artist, Franits provides fresh insights into many of Vermeer's most famous works, uncovering the creative process behind them and their wealth of meanings. : Wayne Franits, a specialist in seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish art, is Professor of Art History at Syracuse University, New York.His numerous publications have explored a variety of topics within the field, ranging from genre painting and portraiture to the work of the Dutch followers of Caravaggio.

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The discovery sheds new light on Vermeer’s life and work, and his family.

: The genre painting of the Dutch Golden Age between 16 ranks among the highest pinnacles of Western European art.

The Delft master Johannes Vermeer is now the most renowned of these painters of everyday life.

Though he is frequently portrayed as an enigmatic figure who worked largely in isolation, the essays here reveal that Vermeer's subjects, compositions, and figure types in fact owe much to works by artists from other Dutch cities.

The location of the street, however, has always been a mystery.

Did Vermeer paint his own house, a view of someone else’s house, or did he invent the composition?Preceded by a capsule biography, concise entries and illustrations of the 37 paintings currently given to Vermeer, including the disputed attributions.Purchase of the volume provides the buyer with exclusive access to a website with high-resolution images of the complete paintings. Executed circa 1657–1658, and depicting a quiet street, typical of a Dutch Golden Age town, this painting is one of Vermeer’s most beloved.Most of the time you’ll see lucky guys getting to hook up with the their favorite leading ladies from the world of porn.In one case, a pretty German girl meets a male pornstar for sex.She shows us how painters made their pictures layer by layer; she investigates old secrets; and hears travelers' tales.

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