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He plays usually at the BW3 in Lyndhurst these days. Another dollar goes into a prize pool in which players across the country participate in real time. Add in tournament prizes, and it's a nice part-time supplement. And yes, he fills out a 1099 and pays taxes to the IRS."I think I cleared 0,000, gross, twice back when it was full time," said the 34-year-old. He and his wife Ann welcomed their first child in May, Andrew IV.Turnaround All orders are shipped within 48 hours Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm.

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Andy Haas is the champion of the world once again, thanks to a double eagle on the eighth hole and a hole in one on the 12th hole. The Macedonia insurance salesman banked $10,000 and the world title in Las Vegas last week in a "sport" many have played but few have mastered the way he has: Golden Tee Live golf. Haas sees those machines and he sees not only greens, but green.

Perhaps you've seen people playing the video golf game in your corner bar or your chain restaurant, or you've just watched the screen as you ate your wings, beckoning you to load in a few bucks and transport yourself to manicured golf courses in exotic lands.

Nex Gen Vending is proud to offer Golden Tee to your establishment.

To learn more, call 937-938-5639 or simply click here.

This will ensure the proper action or credit upon processing.

Please have the following information on hand when requesting an RMA number: Customer number, invoice number, reason for return, action to take and whether the box has been opened or is manufacturer sealed.

Continual reinvention of the brand and annual course updates revolutionized the coin-operated amusement industry and raised the bar for the future of on-premise video games.

Two commercial versions are available: Golden Tee LIVE, with a host of compelling online features, and Golden Tee Golf, the offline model for locations that desire a more casual experience.

will also add a layer of customization of clothes, courses and equipment never before seen on it's arcade presentation.

It releases this fall, giving you enough time to say goodbye to friends and family before this game takes over your life.

When Tipoff first told you about Haas in 2014, he was transitioning from full-time player to All-State Insurance salesman. "I hope to go further into the insurance career," he said.

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