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It is the water here that makes this planet what it is, that allowed the first life, millions of years ago, to emerge from the waters an amoeba with feet, crawling to land and crying out its first breath.And so we do the same each time we are born, crawl to land and cry, removed from the water that sustained us.

Emotions, as with waves, cannot be predicted or controlled.

They move of their own volition and they, too are untamed.

It is the water that contains our wildness: that which we cannot tame and cannot know in full.

We’ve tried to understand the water, can algorithm-ise to our hearts content and think we’ve got it solved and then out of nowhere a rogue wave will appear and blow all previous theories out the water.

In the watery depths exist entire civilisations, covered by water, cleansed from history.

And we do this on a smaller scale when we perform ritual purification, be it a bath, a swim, an ablution, a baptism, a mikvah.Mainly because it manifests in so many different ways.We’re all influenced by our environment, the place we live (places have overall temperaments too!We are water, and we are the space between our cells, and yet for some reason, we forget this.It is the water in us that moves, constantly, ever changing yet always the same.I know this is frustrating to the science nerds, but as a human who loves a lingering mystery, this makes me happy.

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