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Spain has a long history of art and culture which was severely affected during Franco’s dictatorship – (1939-1975) when many artists were forced to pursue their craft in exile.

The name España is of uncertain origin; from it derived the Hispania of the roman Empire.

The national territory is divided into fifty provinces, which date from 1833 and are grouped into seventeen autonomous regions, or comunidades autónomas. Spain occupies about 85 percent of the Iberian peninsula, with Portugal on its western border.

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The Catalan language, like Spanish, is a Romance language, lacking the mysterious distinction that Basque has.

But other measures of difference, in addition to a separate language, distinguish Cataluña from the rest of Spain.

The Basque language is unrelated to any living language or known extinct ones; this fact is the principal touchstone of a Basque sense of separateness.

Even though many other measures of difference can be questioned, Basque separatism, where it is endorsed, is fueled by the experience of political repression in the twentieth century in particular.

In 2008, Spain suffered a catastrophic economic recession but has begun recovery showing three years of GDP growth above the EU average.

Although their unemployment record has fallen it remains high particularly among the young people of Spain.

Spain’s powerful empire began when Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas in 1492 which led to the colonisation of most of South and Central America, Mexico, parts of the Caribbean and much of what is now the USA.

During the 16th and 17th Centuries the Spanish lost command of the seas to England and subsequently struggled to embrace the industrial and mercantile revolutions taking place over the next century.

Spain is separated from North Africa on the south by the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea, which also washes Spain's entire east coast.

The Balearic Islands lie in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa.

Important regions within the modern nation are the Basque Country (País Vasco), the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic area, and Galicia—each of which has its own language and a strong regional identity.

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