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WUA Agent is an implanted service in a Windows service (SVCHOST.exe) and is named Windows Update which you can see from Note: when you create software update deployment with deadline for ex: at 4.00 PM ,the actual time that software update client start updating the installation is depends on on setting disable deadline randomization ((located in the Computer Agent client settings)A delay of up to 2 hours will be applied with deadline time to install required software updates .rules of 2398 out of 3466 deployed entities Agent ** END ** Agent: Finding updates [Caller Id = Ccm Exec] ~[Omitting a lot of identical lines that describe WUA's (successful) reporting.] COMAPI So it sure as heck seems like it's found some updates, but it never installs anything, nor does are the updates shown in Software Center, even though the deployment is configured to do so.

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This approach provides a fresh start with a new Windows Update data store if the file is corrupted.

We upgraded from SCCM 2012 SP1 on Server 2008 R2 to SCCM 2012 R2 CU2 on Server 2012 R2.

Get the report to know the software update scan results from If software update scan is successful from ,you can ignore this log file and directly move to next log (updatesdeployment.log) .

If Software update scan is not successful then,you should look at this log for more information.

Patch compliance success rate is depends mainly on heath of your SCCM clients and some times things may go wrong even though sccm client is healthy (able to receive applications/packages and performing inventory except patches).

Coming to the subject line, I have been seeing many questions on the configuration manager forums and social networking sites on software update patching issues .couple of questions on the subject line are like In this blog post (SCCM 2012 Troubleshoot software update client issues), I will explain you the basic troubleshooting steps (only on client side ) which will help you to resolve issues on your own by analyzing the logs and take it further afterwards.

In this process, Client will create local GPO with WSUS Settings by leaving automatic updates .

If you do not disable automatic updates (Via GPO) leaving the door open for the WUA to do things on its own outside the control of Config Mgr including installing any updates approved directly in WSUS (including new versions of the agent itself which are automatically approved) and rebooting systems which have a pending reboot.

This log Provides information about when the Windows Update Agent connects to the WSUS server and retrieves the software updates for compliance assessment and whether there are updates to the agent components.

Provides information about the deployment on the client, including software update activation, evaluation, and enforcement.

Neither of these is desirable in a Config Mgr managed environment and thus the recommendation for disabling automatic updates.

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