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So you can shoot a video designed for the Rift headset and have it work on the Gear VR or even on a smartphone screen accessing it through the Facebook mobile app.

It’s effectively the freedom of VR with the fidelity of real life.

Facebook says this will have big implications for the 360-degree format, giving developers the ability to create more engaging videos.

Facebook today announced the second generation of its Surround 360 video camera design, and this time the company is serious about helping potential customers purchase it as an actual product.

The Surround 360, which Facebook unveiled last year as an open-source spec guide for others to build off of, has been upgraded as both a larger, more capable unit and a smaller, more portable version.

Instead of just releasing the design schematics for these cameras online, as it did last year, Facebook is now teaming up with a select group of hardware partners to manufacture and sell finished products later this year.

It’s unclear if these products will be Facebook-branded in any way, but the company is still stressing that it has no plans to sell the cameras directly.Facebook hired Cabral from Nvidia for his engineering and computer vision chops, and he’s been leading the hardware charge at the company’s camera division as a way to solve the difficult “chicken and the egg” problem with 360-degree video.Facebook has the platform to serve this kind of video to billions of users — and the VR headset company to sell those users pricey hardware. Creators also don’t want to put the time, money, and effort toward creating it if they think users won’t ever experience it.In other words, this is the same kind of freedom of motion high-quality VR allows, but this time with live-action shots.It’s done using a mix of hardware and software that captures a better understanding of the depth of objects in a scene, and replicates perspectives that the camera never captured originally.But the fidelity of the compressed image remains high-quality because it was natively captured in 8K.

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