Protecting your identity online dating dating gersang

In fact, online interaction allows people to easily take on an entirely fictional persona and this has led to countless scams and misrepresentations.

Genuine online daters who are innocently looking for love may be left dumbfounded by betrayal.

Where you live—your street address—should never be revealed in your profile.

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This type of information should not be shared until you are at the stage when you have met someone in person and feel comfortable with them.

If you are online dating and you have children, never include your children in your profile pictures.

To put it simply, when someone steals or attempts to steal your identity it is known as identity theft.

Identity thieves use the victim's personal information and details to fraudulently pose as the victim, usually for financial benefits.

That is not to say that you should stop dating online altogether.

As with anything, there are sensible precautions that you can take to protect your identify.

Being vigilant about the personal information you include in your online dating profile will assist in increasing security of your identity.

Remember that if you are engaging online and you have reservations about someone or your instinct tells you something is not quite right about them, you are safer to trust your gut and end your connection.

There are many people out there just like you who are looking for love through genuine connection.

By applying the above steps and listening to your own intuition you will increase the security of your online profile and still make yourself available to potential dates.

Although they’re undoubtedly adorable and the picture shows you at your best, you want to avoid your children being enveloped in any type of unsavoury behaviour.

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