Long has rick fox eliza dushku been dating

She's tough, wicked, witty, her own person, fierce and loyal - to friends.

I like that Katheryn has managed to give everyone the impression that she's not to be f*cked with while still presenting herself as soft and approachable.

Canadian - Right about now, the good people from America's Hat are really tooting my horn.

There are things I both love and hate about Eliza Dushku, but if I have to ponder whether or not she's dating or friend material, I'll go for the faithful girlfriend over the raving lunatic she might be as a friend, complaining about what roles she does and doesn't get.

Quality Actress - I have long considered the ability to get audiences to absolutely despise a character was the mark of a truly great actor and if that's all it takes, well, Lena Headey has it in spades.

She's loved and respected, not to mention coveted for roles from flashy to voice overs (Danger Mouse, anyone? I would kill to attend one of her dinner parties, if she was common enough to throw them.

Wild - Although she was married for 6 years, I still get the impression that Headey is not down to be tamed.Elizabeth Olsen bounced around in different roles for each of you but most were more into dating Lizzy than anything else.I don't know how many of you will feel compelled to give money to RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER this weekend, but it made me think of three of the stronger, more ass kicking actresses out there who need some love right now.Out of all the women here, you can't go wrong but you can go a lot right if you were to pick Katheryn Winnick as your permanent partner.Tough but soft at the edges, kind and hard working, she's one of those gals who is a great collaborator.Limited Range - Dushku might be great at playing tough but that seems to be about it, coming off laughable in some of her dramatic roles.

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