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She did some modelling work for Gitano Jeans and Dream Phone and at the same time, learned to tap and ballet.

She was raised in a family of mixed Austrian, Czech, Polish, Irish, and Swedish descent.

Her mother is Noreen, a homemaker while her father Jack O’Keefe is a director of labour relations for Merck.

Though there were no further details about her educational history, O’keefe said she completed her schooling by mail as she had to follow her mother who moved to Hollywood.

At age 17, Jodi Lyn O’keefe played Cassidy Bridges on Nash Bridges but her debut was in 1998 when she played a role in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later after which she starred in such films as The Crow: Salvation, and Devil In The Flesh 2.“It was overwhelming at such a young age but I learned a lot.

Did you dream of being rich and famous when you were younger? So now you’re back in movies and starring in The Frozen Ground, what’s that all about? Was shooting the film as tense as the film itself, or was it more laid-back? Do you think that horror has reached an end or is there more out there?

The Frozen Ground is a true story about a serial killer in the 1980’s in Alaska named Robert Hanson. Yeah, the story about this serial killer – how he got caught – a young woman that he kidnapped got away. We were all very serious while we were filming, but we all had a very laid-back attitude in-between takes. I’m sure there’s more originality, I certainly don’t think that it’s reached an end at all. Right now I’m currently working on my jewellery line called Q and I’ve been pretty devoted to that…

The names of her two sisters are Jenna and Heather.

See Also: Matthew Dowd Bio, Wiki, Dating, Married, Divorce, Children Following her exceptional beauty, O’keefe became a model at the age of 8 years with much encouragement from her older sister.

Her other roles are in VH1’s TV series Hit the Floor and Merry Ex Mas- a film she appeared both in 2014.

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