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Their intuitive natures allow them to discuss abstractions and ideas for hours that may bore other people.2. INFJs and INTPs share the same thinking and feeling functions, also called “judging” functions.

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Both types are intrigued by how the other uses their perceiving functions, which seems so foreign from their own way of taking in information.

In mature and healthy INFJs and INTPs, rather than cause conflict, this is part of what draws them to each other.

INTP personality types seek mental stimulation from friends and partners.

This type can get bored easily by people who don’t challenge them, which INFJs are happy to do.

We our still very in sync with eachother, I know till this day the bond we have wil always be there.

I would prefer to spend a tad more time with other people.

INFJs have Extroverted Feeling (Fe) as their auxiliary (or secondary) function, and INTPs have Fe as their inferior (or fourth) function.

INTPs have Introverted Thinking (Ti) as their dominant (or first) function, and INFJs have Ti as their tertiary (or third) function.

There is someone else who seems to understand them on a deeper level, yet there is still a bit of mystery to discover.

Megan is a freelance writer whose mission is to help people improve their relationships, careers, and quality of life using personality psychology.

They admire their partner’s independence and find their honesty refreshing.”4. It’s nearly as rare for an INFJ to meet an INTP as it is for an INFJ to meet someone of their same personality type.

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