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In the middle of a performance, a man in the audience yelled to Farrah and asked if she'd received the photos and letters he'd sent to her.He was removed by the police and charged with disorderly conduct.She and O'Neal had a son and remained together until the day she died.

Under normal circumstances, the media coverage of her death no doubt would have been extensive.

But five hours later, Michael Jackson also died, and that story dominated the news. Farrah's son Redmond, who was incarcerated on drug charges at the time, was allowed to attend the service.

Farrah's performance earned her an Emmy nomination, and the movie was the highest-rated of the season.

Hugh Hefner's magazine tried persuade Farrah to pose nude through the 1970s and '80s, but she refused every offer.

Three years later, Farrah starred in the movie version of the play.

In 1984, Farrah starred in a made-for-TV movie about domestic abuse called "The Burning Bed." It was the first time that a TV movie aired an 800 number offering help to victims of domestic violence.

In the end, she agreed to make six guest appearances over the next two seasons, and Cheryl Ladd replaced her in Season 2. He reportedly invited Ryan O'Neal to his home to play racquetball and then told O'Neal, a notorious Don Juan, to take his wife out while he was away shooting a movie in Canada.

In no time, Farrah and O'Neal were an item and her marriage to the Six Million Dollar Man ended.

The suggestive 30-second spot starts with the football star exclaiming, "I'm so excited—I'm gonna get creamed." Farrah then spreads Noxzema shaving cream over Broadway Joe's smiling face, while mouthing the words to the jingle, "Let Noxema cream your face so the razor won't."Gladys Knight & the Pips' "Midnight Train to Georgia," a No.

1 hit in 1973, was written by Jim Weatherly, a pal of Farrah's then-husband Lee Majors.

Although Farrah denied this, the suggestion that she was a drug addict dogged her the rest of her life.

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