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Meet International Man of Mystery’s less accomplished younger brother.

For those of you in search of someone to take you on a tour of Istanbul’s hottest spots, look no further.

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I find it interesting that there is barely any information on Turkey. On site in Turkey however that's close to impossible, stick to the tourist resorts or try to nab the Turkish girls abroad. Turkish men's propensity toward cockblocking is well documented.

I am from Germany and we have a lot of Turkish immigrants, and frankly they tend to be very unattractive on average. I've never known muslims to be a really easy nut to crack.

For one, they're usually from the more Western thinking part of Turkey, meaning they probably have a decent amount of cash if they've come to America.

They're looking to escape the existent, but not dominant Muslim culture, and they generally look very good.

The highs were unexpectedly high, the lows disappointingly low. It comes as no surprise that, although Tinder has evolved somewhat, there are still men (and, we can safely presume, women) out there using the app for its original purpose. Tinder is abound with this older, less inebriated version of an Erasmus student.

I also came face to face with a handful of weird prejudices and preferences I never knew I had (music director at Sushi Co? Luckily, these guys are quite open about their intentions. Because of Istanbul’s high concentration of universities and research centers, you’re extremely likely to encounter a laid back graduate student looking to expand his social circle.

As evidenced by his nightclub and yacht-laden profile photos, this man always goes big and never goes home.

He won’t even entertain the idea of meeting for coffee—coffee dates are for amateurs. The surprising element in this man’s approach doesn’t involve dark alleyways, but rather a head-scratching introduction followed by a series of equally puzzling and/or offensive one-liners.

They're willing cooks, cleaners, and love to remind a man he is king of the house.

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