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Ever since the 6th century AD, Midsummer bonfires have been lit around Europe.

In Sweden, they were mainly found in the southern part of the country.

Dating eve midsummers

Deep inside, Swedes are all agreed on what it should look like and how it should proceed.

So after dinner, many people still want to go out dancing, just like in the old days.

Young people also liked to visit holy springs, where they drank the healing water and amused themselves with games and dancing.

These visits were a reminder of how John the Baptist baptised Christ in the River Jordan.

Swedes like drinking songs, and the racier the better.

Midsummer is an occasion invested with a certain nostalgia.

Midsummer Night is the lightest of the year and was long considered a magical night, as it was the best time for telling people’s futures.

Girls ate salted porridge so that their future husbands might bring water to them in their dreams, to quench their thirst.

The maypole is raised in an open spot and traditional ring-dances ensue, to the delight of the children and some of the adults.

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