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Gloria donned the second stocking and then stood up. My tits sag, and I need to lose ten pounds," Gloria complained, trying to draw her in, even though the truth was that her tits were still spectacular and firm, and she was fit as a fiddle and didn't need to lose anything.

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You caught me in the middle of something." On the bed was her laptop with a porn video playing that her prey couldn't see, but could definitely hear, and her magic wand was lying on the bed, as was her vibrator... Gloria went to her dresser drawer, pulled out a thong, thigh highs and a garter belt, her seduction going exactly as planned.

she often used both to get the most intense orgasms. Taylor." "You're a sweetheart," Gloria smiled, as she dropped the robe, suddenly completely naked, except for a pair of wet panties which she quickly tugged down and tossed into the laundry hamper. She put the garter on, and then sat on the bed and rolled a stocking up her leg.

happy she had left it playing when she headed downstairs to see who was at the door... "You're a sweetheart," Gloria smiled as she grabbed the teen's wrists, moving her hands under her own breasts. " Mary couldn't believe she was actually holding Mrs. They were so big and firm, twice the size of her 34B breasts.

never imagining she would be creating her own real-life porn scene instead. Taylor knew what she was talking about and lowered herself to her knees even as she realized she was suddenly staring directly at the woman's vagina. She stammered, "T-t-they don't sag at all, ma'am." Gloria smiled, letting go of the teen's wrists, "Like I said: you're a sweetheart." "Thanks," Mary replied nervously.

So after an hour of rejections sandwiched between recurring bouts of wading through heat waves shimmering on the sidewalk, she was relieved to see the smiling face of Mrs. "Well, hi, Mary, come in from the heat for a minute," Gloria offered, gesturing the cute teen into her home, "it must be a hundred degrees out there." "Ninety-seven," Mary clarified.

Thrilled to be standing in an air-conditioned home, the sudden change from hot to comfortable feeling really nice. " Gloria asked, astonished that the teen was wearing nylons in such heat.

Mary also could hear what sounded like two women on the computer.

One was moaning, Mary's eyes went big at the inappropriate talk, especially the use of the forbidden 'c' word.

" Mary asked, complying, but before she knew what was happening, Mrs.

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