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[lockercat] vwhatspap number = 96845785412 [/lockercat] hellow guys, my name is binita and right now i am living in new delhi. all i can say is, on the basis of the look you can just tell on thing that is, its not eeasy for a girl to share their whatsapp number online still i have shared my number here. so if anybody of you are intersted then you can pleasee give me your wahtsapn umber in the comment box. my name is binita and right nwo i am at the age of 26. Read More

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It’s reasonable for me to ask him to take it down when he eventually calls and asks for his things back (DVDs he’s left here, a couple of other random things), right? I’m 99% sure the girlfriend I was sharing the room with did her changing in the bathroom, which was smart; I feel incredibly dumb, but I also feel this is outside the bounds of what is predictable. (I am attaching the photo that I copied off the blog.) — Camera Shy I saw the photo and I have to say there’s absolutely nothing unsavory about it (except that it was taken and posted without your knowledge). Read More

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