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as part of an exciting partnership between the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology (PEB) and Trinity College, Perth.

This ground-breaking activity will see educational virtual reality (VR) being used to teach high school science.

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Instead, they use sterilised soil that has been inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi to minimise contaminants and other variables. New research published in the ISME Journal suggests that such experiments might not accurately represent what happens in a field situation.

Working with collaborators in Denmark, co-first author Dr Stephanie Watts-Williams (Ramsay Fellow with the University of Adelaide School of Agriculture Food and Wine and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology) says the research showed for the first time that there is natural suppression of mycorrhizal fungi in soils.

Classroom VPC will be run on high-end VR headsets, called Oculus Rifts, allowing a whole class of students to explore the microscopic inner world of a plant in an immersive way.

Students can interact with the cell and learn about complex processes. The pilot program will help to determine if VR is useful in helping students learn science.

Lead researcher Dr Shaobai Huang said the study looked at what different types of wheat plants make inside their cells to help them cope with a lack of oxygen.

“We tested the plants at 15°C to 28°C, and we found a dramatic negative impact on how well wheat plants recovered from a lack of oxygen under the higher temperatures,” he said.“We want to see if VR can improve students’ understanding of plant cells” said Karina Price, from PEB and the University of Western Australia, who has led the project.Students often have difficulty learning the structure and function of plant cells as their size means they can’t be directly observed.It is a truly modern way to engage the next generation of students in science” Classroom VPC is being developed with the help of Western Australian artist Peter Ryan and Unity Developers Richard England and Józef Pierlejewski of Reflex Arc.360 degree videos of the Virtual Plant Cell can be viewed on the Plant Energy Biology You Tube channel.The project is pioneering the use of VR technology for comprehensive, curriculum-aligned education.

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