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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock reaches version 1.0.9 today!In this massive update you'll find some of the new features we have shown you a few days ago, including the armor visualisation system and the Operational Zone for multiplayer.This Google™ translation feature is provided for informational purposes only.

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I think it’s a bit of a coincidence that I recently uninstalled SC2 on my PC laptop and now come to log in and play it on this Mac a few days later.

Hopefully it’s not a specific problem with my account. It’s interesting how the fate of the game seems to be decided pretty early, if you can get an edge in resources, the winner is almost a foregone conclusion.

My launcher for Diablo III appears to be hung, it just says Updating Blizzard Launcher (0%).

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If you have any questions please contact: Bilingual Services Program at (916) 324-5482 A copy of this disclaimer can also be found on our Disclaimer page.Unfortunately after that it never will update the data unless I force it to do so by deleting the armory cache. The problem with doing that is that sometimes one user might not be available that day in the Armory (because of the natural wierdness in the Armory) but if I pull data for all users, then their profession info won't update correctly.Please let me know if there is something I can look at or try. - Fixed Bug: gamepad prompts in battle scene didn't have support for Russian characters - Fixed firewall boost not working when raptors were docked - Fixed bug where raptors stayed docked with targets after a move command was given (the docked icon remained, while the raptor squadron flew away) - Fixed bug where subsystem strength was used for quadrant colours in repair subsystems panel, instead of subsystem health - FIX: Wardriver Missile Jammer now looks for missiles not on the same team instead of looking for faction - FIX: Post battle panel now uses "WITH" text instead of "VS" for co-op matches - Fixed Bug: Highlighting issue for fleet index widgets on gamepad.- Fixed bug where the ship List Index Widget appeared briefly after selecting a jump location.PHP Version: 4.4.7My SQL Version: 5.0.45-community Joomla OS: 1.5.2 with Legacy 1.0 enabled Guild Name: Fear the Reaper Realm Name: Ravencrest Server Location: USInstalled Component Version: 0.8.1Website: Description: Just trying to retrieve guild members by clicking on my "Guild Roster" button, however it never updates new data, even after several days. The only way I can force this to pull new data is by deleting the member cache manually from SQL. " But it never refreshes the page, or does anything after that.

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